AI EdTech Futures

Artificial intelligence will have an impact on every industry — particularly those with lots of disparate data and those that are manually intensive.

Enhanced Text Processing. AI/ML is probably still years away from understanding our languages, but there are interesting advances in the meantime. Over the next few years, I expect AI/ML to be able to [a] summarize text one or more sources, [b] create questions related to text sources, [c] do a first-pass and prioritize the grading of written work, and [d] provide analytics and automation for oral and written discussions so that a teacher does not have to facilitate every second of a discussion.

End-user UI/UX. A range of software tools are converging to make MVP-level software development available to a larger population. There are AI-powered tools that automatically convert sketches to wireframes for UI/UX design. No-code products continue to make ever-increasing sophistication more approachable to non-developers.

Intelligent UI/UX. EdTech products provide only a pre-defined structure of menus and icons. A more malleable UI/UX will be necessary to support the range of users who will use the product. This is a primary reason why EdTech products are rarely used across a whole school. A handful of products show a glimpse of what is possible. Photoshop Elements and WeVideo) let users select between a simple and complex UI/UX. Trello and Miro have options to hide advanced capabilities through add-ons. AI will provide a conversational UI/UX option so users can interact by stating what they want to accomplish.

Efficient Learning Paths. Imagine a tool that automatically assigns (or suggests) work for students based on their individual competency levels and personal interests? Imagine creating small groups based on students with complementary academic and SEL skills?


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John Faig

Learnaholic trying to improve learning. Aspiring EdTech product manager. Love chatting about EdTech.