Content Generalization

I was playing around with OpenAI and its ability to summarize content to various reading levels. This could be a boon for curriculum developers and individual teachers. Currently, both of these constituencies spend time tailoring their content for a particular grade level. If you teach multiple grades, then you are preparing different learning materials for each grade. This content curation or creation usually takes a significant amount of time.

Using AI summarization tools could automate the leveling of learning materials. Instead of tailoring content for each grade level, we could collect a very rich set of content that is not specific to a grade level. In fact, the content could include resources from outside the target grade (i.e., higher education and adult learning, etc.) to create a comprehensive and rich set of content. The AI summarization tool would distill this content into age-appropriate sets for relevant grade levels. On top of the summarization, there is the potential for generating semantic maps to guide discovery (via building concept maps) and generating questions to guide inquiry.


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John Faig

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