Revitalizing the Teaching Profession

I saw an article with this title and it caused me to ponder questions about teaching:

❓ Is it necessary for schools to be Monday through Friday and in-person?

❓ Should we research which elements of the curriculum can be taught asynchronously and which need to be taught synchronously?

❓ Why do we need substitutes (especially when it causes grief to other teachers)?

❓ How can teachers better connect with students when their class sizes and the number of classes grow?

❓ If the pandemic made you feel like a first-year teacher, why weren’t you taught any remote teaching strategies?

❓ Are teachers prepared to handle marginalized students?

❓ Are schools prepared with support personnel such as social workers, school psychologists, and other wraparound services?

❓ Are teachers prepared to provide some basic services such as social workers, school psychologists, and other wraparound services?

❓ Why is teaching exhausting so many teachers?

❓ Why is the anxiety level of teachers and students rising?

❓ Why do teachers have to work so much outside of school hours?

❓ How can teaching evolve to keep more seasoned teachers from leaving the field?

❓ Are teachers prepared for neutral teaching to let students come to their own conclusions about thorny topics?

❓ Are students provided supplemental materials to see a complete version of thorny topics that may not be covered in their textbooks?

❓ Does AP curricula provide opportunities to teach empathy and open-mindedness?

❓ Are teachers prepared to bring out the inquisitiveness of students?

❓ Do teachers consider social media when probing for misunderstandings?

❓ Do teachers stoke inquisitiveness by analyzing books not allowed in schools and recent law?

❓ Would teachers wish for more prep time if there were techniques to make their planning more efficient?

❓ Are teachers prepared for the stark reality that society doesn’t value their profession — despite being deemed noble?


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John Faig

Learnaholic trying to improve learning. Aspiring EdTech product manager. Love chatting about EdTech.