The Real Cost of EdTech Tools

The cost of EdTech tools goes far beyond the product price as there are significant implementation costs. Aside from learning to use the product proficiently, teachers must identify units in their curriculum where the product has the greatest potential or easiest “fit”. Then, teachers must redesign their curriculum to accomodate the EdTech tool. And, after all of this work, there is risk. There is risk that the new tool might not achieve the learning goals or cause the class to fall “behind”. There is also professional risk that administrators and other teachers may not be supportive.

Given the implementation costs borne by teachers, EdTech companies should work hard to mitigate these costs. Teachers should be able to see the value of the product without any training and even without implementing the product. Lower the hurdle to adoption. If the school doesn’t have a community of users, then product ambassadors from other schools can help. The onboarding should be simple and meet the teachers where they are. This means providing support for teachers with various technical and pedagogical experience, as well as tailored to grade levels and subjects.

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